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LF01 Mini

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This modification is ideal for photo studios to create effects when presenting products at trade shows and shooting YouTube reviews. Where lightweight and mobility are valued.

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SHOWplus LF-01 Mini – is a professional low fog machine that produces a thick white fog that spreads along the ground and creates the effect (“dancing in the clouds”) of clouds. Fog flow can be changed using the crank, thereby adjusting the fog supply intensity. Low fog does not rise above 0.5 meters and disappears completely after heating. This fog is safe, does not leave blots on clothes and furniture, is odorless and fire systems in restaurants or in the hall do not react to it. An electronic thermostat is also installed on the low fog machine, with which you can control the water temperature.

Particular qualities:

  1. High productivity and ease of use due to the light, ergonomic and robust hull, in comparison with the traditional steel low fog machines. Also much lighter than competitors 8.5kg, against 40-50 kg. In steel apparatus.
  2. Excellent design – ideal for working at weddings, children’s parties, theme parties, effects for the filming of movies and films.
  3. Adjustable electronic thermostat with the display – allows you to change and constantly monitor the temperature in the hull
  4. Low water level sensor – adds safety when using the device
  5. The increased size of the water tank and ice basket will create more fog and prolong the operating time of the machine.
  6. The maximum ​​coverage area is 90 m².
  7. Convenient 3 position knob for controlling the fog supply
  8. Additional anti-corrosion cultivation, high-quality assembly, and expensive components – will ensure reliable operation of the device for the entire service line.
  9. Safe to use, as confirmed by laboratories in the EU and Ukraine.
  10. 2-year warranty from the manufacturer


Input Voltage AC 220V 50/60Hz
Capacity 2000W
Operative temperature 80-85°C
Heat-up Time 45 min.
Tank volume 8 L
Dry Ice basket volume (Weight) (Weight) 2,5 kg
Volume Adjustment Level/Range 0-2
Burn capability (full volume) 2-5 min
Max coverage area 90 m²
Net Weight (Nt wt) 8,5 kg
Size 405/365/355
Package size /weight 590/570/650 mm. / 9,5 kg
Consumable material Dry Ice
Approvals CE, UkrSEPRO.
Produced Ukraine


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